Providing a product that works – and is allowed in your gym! Made from 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients.

Liquid Grip’s properties give the athlete a dual effect of chalk and rosin without the mess. It dries within seconds, acts as an antibacterial, and lasts through the sweatiest workouts.

New Product

Substitutes Rosin & Chalk
with no messy residue

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Combo Pack

in clamshell packaging – includes visual insert.

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8oz Refiller

8oz Refiller Bottle available with and without pump.

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Liquid Grip was introduced in the Spring of 2010 at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. The introduction at the Arnold Classic was to offer our revolutionary product to a wide spectrum of athletes and make an impression on those athletes looking for a competitive edge. 

From inception of the product to the present, Liquid Grip is available for purchase in 6 different countries. We are the only liquid chalk showing written approval by the NCAA, NFHS and ASA. You will also find Liquid Grip compliant with many sports that allow chalk, resin, or liquid chalk. Liquid Grip is also allowed in several gyms where regular chalk is not permitted. It is favored by Coaches, Trainers and Athletic Directors for its effective delivery and its non-transfer technology.

With its success at the Arnold Sports Festival, Liquid Grip attends trade shows all over the world, branding this amazing product made right here in the USA.